Family US Tour 2014

On our trip through the US we stopped at major landmarks. We went to Ellis Island in New York, to learn about the millions of immigrants that started a new life, that even built a new country. We moved on to see Capitol in Washington to learn how equal rights and a new democracy was established and on the way back we stopped at Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park. We did about a dozen of other stops in between like Disney Land in Anaheim, Huntington Beach or the Rocky Mountain National Park

Since traveling with 4 kids has it’s own fun and challenges I am sharing some of the memories in the hope you also take your kids out to see the world. Instead of telling you every little story I am taking you on a tour from a dad’s perspective. These have been the stops on our tour:

  • Take your time
  • One night at the time, the fun of 6 bets
  • Trust your kids, they’ll get it done
  • All the little things

Give me some time to write it down. To get you a first idea what we did, see the map of our trip which includes the big locations as well as some of the activities we did. Feel free to reach out to learn more about each activity.