Rana is not happy. Is Rana gone?

Rana is my friend. But Rana is not happy and she posted about it: “As we wait for the chaos to calm down, I am reminded to never apologize for my background, my culture or my religion. That my parents have done their best to teach us to be kind, empathetic, generous, non-judgemental and loving.”

The Third Generation

No matter your political view, read this and keep it in mind when you are tired of me talking about politics. Is Donald Trump a Threat To Democracy? The main message in this article is: “The institutional filters that we assumed would protect us from extremists, like the party nomination system and the news media, Continue reading The Third Generation

Tear Down This Wall

Tear down this wall

Last Tuesday marks one of the darkest hours of democracy with the election of a fascist and liar, who wants to build a wall. 27 years ago, the Berlin Wall came down. Ronald Reagan’s speech about freedom and liberty that helped to bring the wall down is a great reminder what the US once meant to the world.