Offline Sucks

Today, like any Sunday, I made my way to church. Since the Sitrion user group brought me to the wonderful city of Chicago I was really looking forward to see my friends in my old congregation. Many of which I haven’t seen since I lived in the windy city many years back. As I get Continue reading Offline Sucks

The question on Scottish independency explained. I am not sure if they should do it or not but I can say that my perception of Scotland is so positive while I wasn’t even there, yet. Need to work on that! (Source:

Take Your Time

Every 3-4 years we take a months to travel the world. And every time I get asked: “Really? One month?” Well, yes one month! If you like to see something, experience something, you need time. Especially traveling with kids requires time as they need a moment to adjust to a new environment, learn, trust, experiment. Continue reading Take Your Time